Edmonds Cook Book

Over ninety years ago Edmonds published the first edition of a modest cookery book of economical, everyday recipes that quickly captured the culinary imagination of New Zealand and soon secured a place in virtually every Kiwi household.

Following the phenomenal success of the Edmonds Cookbook and reflecting the changing tastes and lifestyles of New Zealanders in a fast-moving, global world, more cook books have been published, so not only can you buy the traditional recipes but also books on cooking for children and people in flatting situations

Each Edmonds Cookbook is packed with over carefully tested recipes

Featuring carefully tested recipes, these books place the same emphasis as the original Edmonds Cookery Book on food preparation, economy and great tasting dishes everyone can enjoy.

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Edmonds Classics: New Zealanders' Favourite Recipes Plus recipe and cooking books from NZ and overseas

Don't miss the baking section - yummy. Continuing in the Edmonds baking tradition, from the opening section to the end, be it Cakes, Biscuits, Slices and Muffins, Loaves or Tartlets, there is something for everyone in the Edmonds NZ Cookbook...

The sections on Finger Foods, Light Meals and Salads, Main Meals and Desserts (Pudding) offer a range of traditional and exciting new culinary delights to tempt all members of the household.

Make that special occasion really memorable.

Festive and Traditional Fare presents fresh approaches to old-time favorites to ensure success on those special memorable occasions, while the section on 'Preserves' includes tempting conserves and spreads

Icings, Pastries, Dressings and Sauces will prove an invaluable section for handy reference, and the Glossary provides helpful advice.

Calling all ex-pats and cooks around the world...

Are you either an expat Kiwi?, if so, then you need this book in your kitchen, just to make you feel comfortable and grounded - no matter where you live in the world now

Or, if you are a someone that loves to eat good (make that excellent) home baked food, then purchase this book now and test out the recipes - they are proven to work and taste great

You won't be disappointed - this book has been making contented family homes for generations...





Edmonds Classics: New Zealanders' Favourite Recipes

Edmonds Classics: New Zealanders' Favourite Recipes Plus recipe and cooking books from NZ and overseas


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